1 Night Stan (30ml)

578.00 ฿ THB

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Lychee Blueberry Iced Tea

The tropical forests of the Philippines, there lies an ancient temple filled with mystery. Nearby townsfolk tell stories of the ancient ruin. Many say when the moon is at its fullest, an aroma fills the land. No one can pinpoint the exact smell, but the children say it smells of wild blueberries gushing through the tropics, the town elders says it reminds them of exotic lychee's they once had. Then came, a brave young girl, as beautiful as she is courageous. A seeker of the undiscovered, of the Uncharted. She said, "what is it that brings forth such savoring smell? Is it the fruit of the Gods hidden deep within the land? Or is it the wine of everlasting life? If it is fruit, it must be the most amazing fruit in all the world!" Thus, is the beginning of the tale of Jenn 'N Juice. Give it a try, and let us know your take on the mysterious and delicious e-liquid!

Peach lced tea

Stan brewed a concoction made one fated night, alongside the Goddess, Jenny, who came to him in dreamy sight. She whispered, "come hither my darling, a gift for you. A luxurious mixture for you to brew." As he followed her through the luscious garden, he savored each taste and smell without pardon! What are these delicious nectars, he pondered. Full of tartness and fragrance! Oh a sight to be wondered! And as he wandered heart so bright, the Goddess said, "One Night, Stan.... One Night." And after capturing his gaze, into the darkness she began to fade. And thus, with amazing fruits we take shape, the best ejuice ever for you to vape!

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